About the Author

Lauren Rankel

Lauren is the mother of two curious daughters who love to go on walks and explore.  She taught preschool for  20 years and also runs professional development courses for teachers who are always learning new things too!  She loves to be outdoors and meet new people, just like Finn!  She lives in North Salem, NY with her husband and younger daughter who, due to the pandemic,  is currently attending Zoom University.

About the Illustrator

Elizabeth Barksdale

Elizabeth is a mother of two creative children who love the outdoors, science and stories like Finn's!  She enjoys sharing the beauty of the world and it's very interesting people. Elizabeth has made artworks with groups and individuals of all ages, working with people like you to enhance their own communities and their lives through creativity. She lives in Mahopac, NY with her husband and their daughter and son with whom they love to share books and go camping. 

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